Robert Speer, The Magic Lawyer®, is based in Woodstock, GA and handles DUI defense cases, Criminal defense cases, Drug cases, Juvenile cases, Divorce cases, and injury cases all over Georgia & Metro Atlanta. Mr. Speer has over 26 years of hands-on trial experience and he knows what to expect in the courtroom.

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Robert Speer, The Magic Lawyer®, was born and raised in Atlanta and has had extensive training and experience as a trial attorney - He will fight for you to get you the best result possible in your case. He handles cases for clients in all Metro Atlanta courts, such as Cherokee County GA, Cobb County GA, Fulton County GA, Gwinnett County GA, Roswell GA, Canton GA, Alpharetta GA, and Holly Springs GA, just to name a few.
Juvenile / DUI / Criminal Defense / Personal Injury / Civil Litigation / Divorce

His fees are affordable and he and his staff are available to discuss your case now. Let The Magic Lawyer®, “make your legal problems disappear.” Put over 26 years of experience and training to work for you – Call now! Why wait? Some cases are time sensitive so call today for your free consultation.

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OUR MISSION: To do our absolute best to obtain for our clients the best result in their case; to treat them with respect and dignity; to bring magic and hope into their lives during their possibly darkest hour; and to enrich the community by giving of ourselves in law, magic and as fellow citizens... and to look really good doing it!

- Juvenile / DUI / Criminal Defense / Personal Injury / Civil Litigation

Robert Speer practices the following case types throughout the entire State of Georgia: DUI (aka DWI ),, criminal defense, personal injury and civil litigation. If you have a need in any one of these areas please do not hesitate to contact Speer Law Offices.

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Mr. Speer and his staff are waiting to help you with your legal problems and can offer you reliable & affordable solutions. Learn more by visting these pages ...
Juvenile / DUI / Criminal Defense / PersonalInjury / Civil Litigation / Divorce

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Among other things Mr. Speer is a Fulton County DUI Lawyer, Cobb County DUI Lawyer, Atlanta Ga DUI Lawyer , Cobb County Criminal Defence lawyer, Cobb County Drug Pocession Attorney, Cobb County Divorce Attorney

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